The Toronto Tabla Ensemble:
This critically acclaimed independent band from Toronto, Canada, is a total music experience. The TTE has developed its own powerful style using rhythms from India, while exploring contemporary musical landscapes with artists from other cultures. Staying true to form, content and feeling, the TTE moves what is traditionally a solo instrument to an unparalleled level of ensemble work. Playing to sold out audiences since 1991, this influential voice in Canadian music, brings together the north Indian percussive tradition of tabla, with some of Canada’s best music and dance groups.
The Album:
ALANKAR (v. – to embellish, adorn), aptly describes this long awaited, sixth CD from the Toronto Tabla Ensemble. Ritesh Das has created rhythmic compositions that drive the contributions of Canada’s best musical artists. The pieces reflect the versatility of this most expressive percussive instrument, and travel through traditions, continents, cultures and profound emotion.
Donald Quan, Ian de Souza, Kevin Breit, Rose Kazi, Aline Morales, Kathleen Kajioka and Hari Krishnan, have created music with Ritesh, and together, they take the Toronto Tabla Ensemble to some very unexpected places!