“…riveting and inspiring…blends Japanese, Caribbean, African and European flavors into a tasty stew steeped in India’s rich musical heritage.”

Nicholas Jennings, EYE Magazine

“…successful transition to record…the Indian ensemble uses innovation and discipline to volley between the progressive and the traditional.”

Andrew Sun, NOW Magazine

“…adventurous…fearless in their determination to pollinate these exotic sounds with contemporary flavors…”

Cantin, The Ottawa Sun

From the moment they walked on stage, the poly-ethnic percussion ensemble had the rapt attention of the capacity audience and proved that musical boundaries can be flexible. … Yet just as essential to the Tabla Ensemble’s cross-cultural success is a keen sense of performance. Using the tabla as a launching point, the group combined light, voice and acoustics to create a bridge between the orchestrated precision of Kronos Quartet and the roof-raising energy of British dance innovators Stomp!, which had the audience on its feet demanding more.”

Matt Galloway, NOW Magazine

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