Reflections: Celebrating our Cultures and Communities

5 July, 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM – The Aga Khan Park is delighted to invite you to its inaugural public event “Reflections”, featuring the Pan Am Games lantern.

The afternoon will be filled with unique experiences inspired by the Silk Road. Come journey through the Park and see children engage in lantern making, experience invigorating yoga sessions, music & dance in the Park, culinary sensations, a souk filled with distinctive artisanal objects, complimentary chai kiosks, floating artists and much more!

The evening will commence with an array of diverse performances, including Taiko drummers as you await the arrival of the Pan Am lantern. Enjoy the lantern being carried through the Park during the magical hour of dusk.

This day will leave you inspired with many colourful memories of the Aga Khan Park.