1 What are the fees?
Class fees  Toronto $30/class, Mississauga $25/class .
There is new student registration fee of $25 and a Student Reference Book available for $25
2 How long are the classes and how young child can be?
Youngest age is 7 and classes run for 1 hour.
3 Do I need a tabla set for tabla classes?
Yes,. You will need to bring your own set to the Mississauga and Scarborough classes. In Toronto we have sets available to use during the class.
4 Do you sell or rent tabla sets?
Yes, however only professional grade. If you would like to rent a set to start, we recommend contacting Longe and McQuade.
5 What do I wear to class?
Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing to all classes. Please refrain from wearing shorts baseball caps.
6 Can I get a refund or make up class if I miss a class?
No. If you miss a class it is the students responsibility to obtain the materials covered from a class mate.
If a class is canceled due to weather or other circumstances we will credit this class towards the next semester
7 How long will it take before I can perform?
Indian classical music and dance is a lifelong study. With regular class attendance and practice students progress quickly. Between 6 -12 months students will perform in their first student recital.
Students interested in the performing ensemble require excellent attendance and attitude, will be able to attend Ritesh Das’ professional training classes.
8 Do I need to take the exams?
All students up to 16 years of age are recommended to take the annual theory and practical examinations. Adults are welcome to particpate as they choose.
9 I have studied before, do I need to start at the beginning level?
It depends. We recommend anyone who has studied before to make an appointment during regular evening classes for an assessment.
10 Do you offer private or at home classes?
No. All group classes are maximum 8 students, so there is a lot of individual attention. Students are encouraged to come to higher level classes if they are looking to accelerate their studies.
11 How do I register/pay for classes?
Fill out the online registration form. Payment is accepted via cash, cheque and e-transfer and is due on the first day of class.
12 What else do I need to bring?
A notebook. Students will need to take notes at the end of the class. If classes are missed, the student is responsible to obtain notes from a classmate before the next class
13 What is taught in the class?
Toronto Tabla Ensemble has a classical curriculum that is based on Prayag Sangeet Samiti, with modification by Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri and Ritesh Das
14 How do I advance to the next level?
All groups continue together the next semester at the same day and time. If students have missed classes and are behind the teacher may recommend a different day/time.
15 What else do I need to know?
Please come to class on time. If you are late please enter quietly and do not pass through the teacher and students, but enter through the back of the class.
When entering the class room, please formally great the teacher with: “Namaste”, “Namaskar” or “Good morning/afternoon/evening”.
Address teachers and elders respectfully with ‘Ji, Da, Di or Bhai’. If you have questions about this please ask us.
Please remove footwear and do not point your feet at anyone at anytime. If you have problems sitting cross legged a chair can be arranged. Also do not touch your tabla, tabla bag, gunghroo, or notebook with your feet.
Food and drink is not allowed in the classroom, water is permitted.
Questions about class and class material may be asked at the end of the class.

Please refrain from taking video during class, only if the teacher recommends to do this.

At Toronto Tabla Ensemble we respect all religions and backgrounds. We ask all students and members of the organization to uphold the same respect towards others.