The idea of PARAMPARA production came to mind after my brother passed away.  It moved me to see his young students loose such a significant person in their lives.  I wanted to do something, which would keep the fire burning along with their trainers and mentors.

Sare Nau was composed with a strong dance choreography in mind. I knew I had to raise the bar that would give them no other choice but to keep their practice going and at another level.
I approached Charlotte Moraga who was not only my brother’s 
closest disciple but according to him a very strong dancer, trainer and choreographer. Sare Nau was choreographed just in 8 weeks by Charlotte Moraga, Artistic Director of Chitresh Das Institute in San Francisco.

Adding to it was a strong role of my teacher, Tabla Legend Pt. Swapan Chaudhuri’s son Nilan Chaudhuri who contributed to this piece by adding kit-drum and playing exactly to the composition which itself is an art form.

A team of TTE  and  TTYE members and volunteers, videographers led by Melissa and recording by Gary Honess, along with a  huge parent contribution from both sides of the countries and a production team came into existence.

With the blessing and encouragement of Tabla Legend Swapan Chaudhuri the show was launched here in Toronto on Nov 25th with a tremendous success and satisfaction. It was one of the best concerts I have produced and I hope that it will continue.

I thank everyone who has made this production possible. It is great to see the high spirit of these young generations involved in this production with your support and their dedication.

Ritesh Das

Artistic Director Toronto Tabla Ensemble



Artistic Director and Producer: Ritesh Das

Artistic Director: Charlotte Moraga

Toronto Tabla Ensemble

Chitresh Das Youth Company

Toronto Tabla Youth Ensemble


Photos by Sean Howard


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