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Our Mission
Nritya Bharati Global and the Toronto Tabla Ensemble is an education and performance institution. Our core values and principals are:

• The study of tabla is steeped in and inseparable from the history, traditions and culture of India.
• A rigorous and disciplined approach to the philosophy and practice of tabla prepares students to become performers.
• The study of tabla teaches far more than just music; it’s skills training and a spiritual practice. Students learn music production methods, teaching and role modelling strategies, and teamwork. They grow personally, practice humility and improve self-esteem.

• Students who display the correct understanding and work ethic have the opportunity to join the TTE youth and professional performing groups.
• Through teamwork and collaboration, performing members of the Toronto Tabla Ensemble improve their musical ability, have cross-cultural experiences and celebrate diversity.
• Performing members of the Toronto Tabla Ensemble are responsible for maintaining and promoting tabla tradition and, in doing so, inspiring a cross-cultural dialogue that informs Toronto culture the Canadian identity.

About Our Charity
Founded in 1991 by Ritesh Das, The Toronto Tabla Ensemble is a professional performance company, music school and Canadian institution that promotes the traditional practice of North Indian Tabla music. We offer lessons in classical repertoire, technique, composition, theory, history and culture and perform in Toronto, Canada and around the world.