Why do I study tabla??? Well, here’s just few good reasons, I’m sure there’s many more…
1. Dad: He bought my first tabla set and literally forced me to start classes. Not only did this bring me tabla, but also my most loved person through good times and bad… Ritesh Das. I always think of him when I play. Thanks Dad (Harry W Arp)!!
2. Community: Canada is my second home, and from time to time I get very homesick. Through Tabla I’ve met so many wonderful people and I’m very thankful for the Tabla family I have here.
3. Fun: it really, really, really is A LOT OF FUN!
4. Culture: I’ve learned so much, Toronto gives tons of exposure to so many different cultures, and all of us sit together in this classroom sharing stories and food of course!
5. Flexibility: specifically the wrists and fingers. Since I started tabla, I haven’t had any pain at all!
6. History: every class is an opportunity to hear stories from the past, it’s like a little bit of time travel.
7. Learning: it’s never ending, I could never ever get bored! There are so many compositions and rhythmic cycles, it’s great to know there is always more to learn.
8. Lineage: This artform has been passed on for hundreds of years from teacher to student. Hearing the stories makes me feel both proud and humbled to be part of this lineage.
9. Mind cleanse: probably the best and my most valued part of studying tabla. From the moment you sit down, all the mind chatter just gets pushed out. There is no space for it. And after a good class or practice I feel just a little bit lighter, happier and peaceful.
Melissa Das-Arp


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